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Horwich Farrelly Partners volunteer at Manchester homeless shelter

February, 21, 2018

Four partners and the COO of Horwich Farrelly recently volunteered to spend a day helping out at a drop in centre for homeless people in Manchester.

For over 25 years Barnabus has offered support to homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester, with their Beacon Drop-In Centre currently providing a lifeline to around 600 individuals every week. As well as offering a cooked breakfast, shower facilities and access to healthcare professionals, the centre offers longer-term support by directing those in need to more secure accommodation and providing advice on matters from living independently to how to apply for benefits.

Patrick McCarthy, Mark Hudson, Ronan McCann, Thomas Reynard and Jared Mallinson

Patrick McCarthy, Mark Hudson, Ronan McCann, Thomas Reynard and Jared Mallinson recently spent time at the Beacon Drop-in Centre in Manchester.

Recently Partners Ronan McCann, Mark Hudson, Patrick McCarthy and Jared Mallinson, in addition to COO, Thomas Reynard, were all able to get an insight into the extent of Barnabus’s work after spending time at the Beacon Centre. Some of their tasks including serving meals and hot drinks to visitors and supporting people with a chat and a friendly face.

“During our time at the Beacon the centre received around 60 visitors and, from talking to many of them, it quickly became clear that there are sadly many misconceptions around homelessness, in particular how easy it can be to find yourself in this situation,” said Ronan McCann, Partner at Horwich Farrelly. “Many of those we spoke to found themselves living on the streets through no fault of their own for example, following the breakdown of relationships, after losing their jobs or as a result of receiving inadequate support to deal with mental health issues.

“Thankfully there are organisations such as Barnabus, where a visit to the Beacon Centre can be the first step to getting their life back on track. We were honoured to spend some time helping out on the day and look forward to exploring other ways we can help this remarkable organisation.”

The volunteering day was arranged through Benefacto, a social enterprise that connects businesses with charities in Manchester, London and Leeds.

Carol Price, Head of Fundraising and Development at Barnabus, added: “Barnabus is passionate about transforming lives and ending homelessness. Having this partnership with Benefacto and receiving support from companies such as Horwich Farrelly is vital to our work and our homeless friends. We are so very thankful to have the firm volunteering to support us at our busy drop-in and it was heart-warming to see the compassion they had for our guys.

“The team from Horwich Farrelly took a real interest in spending time with people and discovering the reasons behind homelessness. Homeless people tell us they feel rejected and de-humanised by society so taking time to talk with our guys is a wonderful way to show someone does care. It also encourages them as we work together to help rebuild their lives and help them realise their hopes and aspirations for the future.”

The visit to the Beacon coincides with the announcement that Horwich Farrelly’s 750 employees have voted to support Shelter as their 2018 charity, with a fundraising target of £15,000.

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