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Sponsored sleepout raises over £5,000 for Shelter

December, 20, 2018

Horwich Farrelly, the Manchester-based insurance industry law firm, has raised £5,150 for Shelter, following a sponsored sleepout by ten members of the firm’s senior leadership team.

Horwich Farrelly colleagues taking part in the sleepout

Horwich Farrelly Partners and Directors who took part in the sleepout

By swapping home comforts to spend a night sleeping outdoors, the group hoped to gain a better understanding of the issues facing those experiencing homelessness and raise vital funds for charity.

Representatives from Shelter and Street Support Manchester visited the group during the evening to share their insights into the circumstances, challenges and realities faced by those experiencing homelessness.

Ronan McCann, Horwich Farrelly Partner, was one of those taking part. He said of the experience: “The fundraising initiative was planned well in advance, steps were taken to ensure the personal safety of those taking part, and the weather stayed dry so it would never truly reflect the experiences of those legitimately forced to sleep rough.

“However, taking part in the fundraiser gave us a fresh perspective into the reality of life on the street. For example, fundamental things we often take for granted, like having access to a toilet, being able to change into clean clothes, feeling safe when you nod off or simply staying warm, suddenly become extremely challenging.

“Although we were all tired the next day and had a few aches and pains, the prospect of having to do that every night highlighted just how hard it would be for those forced to regularly sleep on the streets. The experience was invaluable, and it is fantastic to have been able to raise such a significant amount of money to help Shelter continue to support vulnerable people currently living on our streets.”

Bryn Phillips of Shelter said: “It was truly moving to meet participants in the sleepout as they got ready for the action, anxious about the risk of rats, thinking through all the other worries that must run through the minds of frightened people as they contemplate their first night on the streets.

“The sleepout raised lots of money, but it did something greater too. It helped to raise awareness of a situation that is all too common in Britain today: people sleeping rough. We at Shelter are truly grateful for the opportunity to meet those taking part you and indebted for their incredible support. Without these little acts of kindness, the world would be a darker place.”

Simon Delvard, Partner, added: “The cold and the hard floor meant it was difficult to get proper sleep, but it would have been far worse had it been windy or wet, a reality faced by those who may live like this full-time. Sadly, some people appear to hold preconceptions of the situations which have led people to losing their home, with little understanding that many are talented people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Taking part was humbling and will stay with me forever.”

Those who took part – Ronan McCann, Patrick McCarthy, Paul Brandish, David Scott, Simon Delvard, Max Withington, Mike Rimmer, Liz Partington and Tom Reynard – hope their efforts will not only raise vital funds for Shelter, but also raise awareness of the issues around homelessness and poor-quality housing.

The event raised £5,110 for Shelter, which is the largest amount Horwich Farrelly has ever raised in a single event. The total amount raised for Shelter so far this year now stands at more than £20,000.

Horwich Farrelly would like to thank Shelter and Street Support Manchester for visiting those taking part to share further details of their work to tackle homelessness and Adrian Westwell from Horwich Farrelly’s deli for providing a nourishing meal to the group.

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