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Staged Accidents


Staged Accidents


Our approach to potentially staged accidents is to robustly defend – but only where sensible to do so.   We take the view that the worst possible service for any client is to spend a long time investigating a case, building up significant costs and delay, only to settle it close to trial. Many of our clients have confirmed that this has been a significant concern for them in terms of work done by other firms.

The key is in the detail – one small discrepancy can defeat a defence. We undertake prompt evidence gathering to identify significant concerns with the parties’ evidence, both pre and post-accident, using experienced assessors and forensic engineers as appropriate.  Cases are subject to constant supervisory review.

We ensure that our opponents understand that we make the right decisions and make them early. Consequently they know that once we have considered a case and have decided not to make an offer we will be going to trial if required.  “Throwing in the towel” is not our style.

As a result, when we do go to trial we have a strong record of success.  The nature of these cases means that many fraudsters do not wish to proceed to a final hearing in case an adverse finding precludes them from making fictitious claims in the future.  We therefore see a high number of discontinuances either just before trial or at the doors of the court.

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