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Fraud Rings


Fraud Rings


Dedicated, highly experienced handlers personally manage fraud ring operations from start to finish. They work in partnership with clients and an assigned intelligence analyst, to ensure investigations are properly coordinated and project-managed.  They liaise with other insurers, the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) and other enforcement bodies as appropriate.

Horwich Farrelly actively participates in insurance industry counter-fraud groups, is a member of the IFIG (Insurance Fraud Investigators Group) and participates in IFED and ILISP (Insurance Legal and Investigation Service Providers) tactical forums. We post a significant number of alerts via IFIG that allow us to identify cross-industry exposure to fraud rings and share intelligence for mutual benefit.

We regularly communicate intelligence on fraud ring operations to clients and hold monthly intelligence briefings via teleconference.

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Key components of our proven fraud ring methodology are:

  • Repudiation: If matters remain pre-lit once enquiries have been concluded/advanced sufficiently, the Manager will liaise with the insurer client to decide upon the content of a repudiation letter which will then be sent out on all appropriate cases;
  • Regular review/updates: The evidence matrix is regularly reviewed by the manager who will liaise with the insurer/investigator to direct additional/supplementary enquiries as necessary.
  • Early consideration of links: allowing cases that are obviously not part of the operation to be ‘dropped out’ quickly, and either settled or defended on an individual basis
  • Intelligence team involvement throughout the lifecycle of the investigations: following an initial triage of each case the team works to identify further links, common factors and key attractors (e.g. credit hire company, individual, address etc.). This allows additional claims to be drawn in to the operation at any time.
  • Central control: each suspect ring is assigned to an individual manager who takes the lead in the operation.
  • Detailed investigations; both desktop and using specialist field investigators
  • Developing a clear strategy: The manager for the operation, assigned Intelligence team member, insurer representative and investigator representative (if appropriate) will agree the strategy to apply. In litigated cases this will incorporate consideration of court deadlines, including how they will impact evidence gathering, and the consideration of additional proceedings (e.g. declaration proceedings).
  • Agreed final decision: In litigated matters a conference will be held with the client and counsel no less than 6 weeks before trial to make a final decision to proceed.
  • Post outcome sanctions: Following successful repudiation/defence each individual file will be considered for the potential to recover costs, apply further sanctions and/or initiate prosecution.
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