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Low Speed Impact


Low Speed Impact


LSI claims represent the highest proportion of suspect matters for most motor insurers.

Horwich Farrelly has been at the forefront of the battle against claims arising out of LSI since 1999. Our methodology is recognised as industry leading and our work in this area has won insurance sector awards for the firm, both individually and in partnership with clients.  We now handle many thousands of LSI claims annually.

Whilst the judiciary is becoming less tolerant of spurious claims, litigated LSI cases are still very difficult to win. Nevertheless, the strategies we have developed in this area have produced unprecedented success compared to our competitors, and we win more cases at trial than any other firm.

As a minimum we will seek to have Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting set aside and request enforceable orders to enable us to recover costs. Wherever possible we will push for Fundamental Dishonesty findings that could also facilitate the option to bring Contempt of Court prosecutions in the right circumstances.

Horwich Farrelly is responsible for the two foremost cases in this area, Casey v Cartwright and Kearsley v Klarfeld.

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