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In a constantly evolving legislative and regulatory environment Horwich Farrelly offers flexible, adaptable and highly cost-effective services




Horwich Farrelly has been defending personal injury claims for insurers and other compensators since its foundation more than 40 years ago.  In addition to our undoubted expertise in Large & Complex Injury claims we have specialist teams dedicated to handling, on both a delegated and non-delegated basis:

  • Portal Claims
  • Pre-litigated claims
  • Small Claims Track and Fast Track matters

Achieving indemnity spend objectives in these high volume areas requires a combination of effective and responsive tactics, and cost-effective operations.

We make extensive use of proprietary business intelligence systems to help us monitor and track behaviours in the market, and then work in partnership with our clients to create dynamic strategies to counter sharp practices. Horwich Farrelly’s management and team structures, supported by powerful case management and MI systems, enable us to deliver a tailored, high quality, value-for-money service in line with each individual client’s needs.

All instructions we receive are screened for signs of fraud and where appropriate referred to our market-leading Counter Fraud department.  Despite a fixed recoverable costs regime applying to most of these claims there is a significant propensity for dispute so our Defendant teams also work closely with our Costs department to develop strategies and tactics to minimise costs risks .  We also offer a proven Recoveries service which generates significant returns for the clients using it.

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